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Client : Golden State Property Developments

Project : Orchid Townhomes

Address: 37 Sundridge St, Taringa QLD 4066

Orchids have a quality of mystery, glamour and power that sets them apart from other flowers. They are elegant and almost dreamlike in their perfection. Each Orchid species has a unique look that exudes delicacy, elegance and a subtle refinement of colour. 

Inspired by an exceptional landscape, innovation and design come together in an expression of architecture to offer residents more than double the living space of a traditional townhome, with special features including a 3 car side-by-side garage. Experience true beauty, experience Orchid Townhomes. 




Art Direction

Development & Research
Strategy & Placement
Brand Identity Design
Brand Campaigns & Application


Print Design:

Stationery & Promotional
Editorial Design & Copy


Photography & Film:

Lifestyle Photography

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